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Tips To Share The Road Safely With Trucks

November 29, 2022
Trucks are large, hefty vehicles. A crash involving a truck is more likely to cause injury or death due to its size, weight and length. Trucks need much more room to stop and turn and have more blind spots than cars. Therefore, car drivers need to take additional care when sharing the road with trucks! Here are tips to follow when driving on the road with trucks. Allow at least one car length w...

5 Ways To Avoid A Car Breakdown This Summer

October 27, 2022
Car problems can be expensive, especially when planning a summer holiday road trip. Here are some tips for avoiding car trouble this summer. Check Your Battery Ensure your battery has enough power to start your engine; this is even more important if you don't regularly drive it.  The most common symptoms you might see if your battery is starting to reach the end of its life include the batte...

How to Sell a Used Car - The Ultimate Guide

September 25, 2022
The process of selling a car, especially a used one, can be difficult (and stressful) for many reasons. Learning how to prepare your vehicle for sale, advertise effectively, and negotiate a fair price is essential. In this blog, we take you through 8 simple tips that will help you sell a used car quickly and easily for the best possible price. Get a valuation from a dealer If you're selling y...

How To Jump Start A Car

August 22, 2022
Whether your vehicle has been sitting for months on end in the garage or needs a quick jump start because of a flat battery, this post will teach you everything you need to know! Jumper leads can cause damage to both cars and people if they're not used properly, so it's best to take precautions and stay safe! Jump starting a car safely: what you need to remember Car batteries produce flammabl...