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The Most Expensive Check Engine Light Repairs for Aussie Car Owners

April 27, 2023
As a car owner, you may be all too familiar with that sinking feeling when your check engine light suddenly illuminates on your dashboard. This little light might indicate a minor hiccup, such as a loose fuel cap, or it could be a warning sign of more severe and potentially expensive issues lurking beneath the bonnet. This uncertainty can be nerve-wracking, especially when considering the potentia...

Car Dashboard Warning Lights - The Complete Guide

March 25, 2022
Dashboard warning lights on your car - it's a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of many drivers. What does it mean when the check engine light comes on? Is my car about to break down? Warning lights that come on in your car could be things not to worry about, such as the parking brake or anti-lock braking system light. But they could also be more serious things like the brake warning light ...

Everything You Need to Know About Car Fluid Icons: What They Mean and How to Check Them

February 23, 2022
If you're like most drivers, you probably don't know too much about car fluid icons and what they mean. You might see an indicator light or warning light on your dashboard and not know what it means. In this post, we will explain what each of the typical car fluid icons means, what are warning lights and what is not, how to check the levels of each fluid, and what they mean for you and the safety...