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Recognising Common Fluids Leaking From Your Car: A Comprehensive Guide

June 23, 2023
Spotting unexpected puddles under your car can be worrisome, but prompt action can prevent significant damage. This comprehensive guide will help you distinguish seven typical fluids that may be leaking from your vehicle and share some handy tips to address them. After all, knowing what's leaking from your car could mean the difference between a minor fix and a costly repair. Engine Oil   If...

Everything You Need to Know About Car Fluid Icons: What They Mean and How to Check Them

February 23, 2022
If you're like most drivers, you probably don't know too much about car fluid icons and what they mean. You might see an indicator light or warning light on your dashboard and not know what it means. In this post, we will explain what each of the typical car fluid icons means, what are warning lights and what is not, how to check the levels of each fluid, and what they mean for you and the safety...

Car Maintenance Checklist - Top Four Things You Can Check To Keep Your Vehicle In The Best Shape

January 31, 2022
Let's face it, not all of us are mechanically minded and for some people, working on their car is the last thing they want to be doing. However, even if you know nothing about how a motor vehicle works, besides getting you from A to B, there are essential car maintenance checklist items you should know and perform. To ensure your car's longevity and safety, we've gone through four essential tips ...